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Freedom United is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Freedom United are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by U.S. law.
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Become a freedom founder
Why become a Freedom Founder? Because Freedom United operates with a small team, mobilizing a community of 8 million. We’ve launched nearly 100 anti-slavery campaigns, convincing governments, corporations and organizations like the United Nations to say “Yes!” to changes which make ending slavery possible. As a Freedom Founder, you truly become a part of our team just like those featured in the video below.  Let them share why they support our work.

All freedom founders receive:
Transparent reporting on our efforts and exclusive updates from the team
Access to online member meetups and other rewards
Resources to share with your business, friends, family, church or civic group
Joining the leadership of the movement to end modern slavery

Our Freedom Founders

Ashish Agar
The Alviani Family
Janice Arkatov & Barry McGrath
Philippe & Christophe Auroi-Le Gal
Sara & Daniel Avitzour
Steven Bateman
Paul A. Beck
Mike Beech
Brooks Bell
Adam Boeselager
Charlotte Information Strategists
The Chou Family
Denis Coombes
Michelle Engle
The Fetner Family
Andy Flores
Micayla Forsyth
The Foss Family

Shirley & Steve Garrett
Paul & Tsiporah Grignon
Shawn Groff
Phil & Shellie Gruber
Gordon Horner
The Housholder Family
Denise Howell
Greg Huber
Laura Colby Ingalls-Wilder
Ole Filip Jensen
Gavin Jocius
Johnathan & Kelly Keane
The Kestrelman Trust
Eva-Maria Kläy
Tomás Enrique Kreiner
The Lail Family
Edward Lander
Jeff & Carrie Larrison

Joan Lask
The Le Family
Tom & Molly Lotrecchiano
Søren Lund
Nicholas Macco
Tom Marin
Annette & Bob Mason
The Mo Family
Birch & Catherine Mullins
Tom M. Neal
New Hope Church
NK Patent Law
The Otero Family
Claudio de A. Padua
The Puryear Family
Joelle Salje
Robson Santos

Andrea Scuderi
E Simmons
Sally Sines
Judith Sharp
Matthew Soroko
Scott & Jennifer Steele
Sandy & Anna Stephenson
Travis & Amy Stephenson
The Surwilo Family
The Sweet Family
Katie & Scott Taylor
The Thomas Family
Kenneth & Lorna Tomlin
Liliana Trodler
Werner M. Vieira

*The use of the term “member” or “membership program” is not intended to convey any ownership, voting or other control rights of such persons, as may be implied under the laws of certain jurisdictions, but rather is simply meant to signify support for Freedom United.