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31 May 2018: Today the Thai Appeals Court read a verdict in favor of Andy Hall, quashing the criminal conviction (a suspended 2-year sentence and fine) following a prosecution brought by Natural Fruit Company. The Court also recognized the importance of his research work noting that it was in the public interest for the benefit of consumers.

Drop the charges against Andy Hall now

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“This is about persecution. It’s a political case to try and silence me… I’m someone that’s revealing things that the government and the industry don’t want me to reveal.” – Andy Hall1

Human rights activist Andy Hall has been convicted in the Thai courts for reporting on labor rights abuses in the Thai pineapple industry. In 2013, a report which included some of Andy’s research was published. it included allegations of worker abuse and slavery-like practices in the Natural Fruit factory, a Thai company that processes pineapples and supplies retailers around the world.

Instead of looking into the allegations, Natural Fruit targeted Andy. He was hauled into court on charges of computer crime and criminal defamation. After a bitter legal fight, Andy was found guilty and sentenced to a three year suspended sentence and a fine of 150,000 Baht.

We now need to call on the Thai Government to do the right thing and ensure that all remaining charges against Andy Hall are dropped.

The Thai authorities are already facing global scrutiny for not doing enough to protect workers from abuse – the latest US Trafficking in Persons report gives Thailand the lowest score for action to tackle trafficking.2

Please show your support for Andy and migrant workers that remain vulnerable to modern slavery in Thailand: take action to demand that the remaining charges are dropped now.

  • 31 May 2018: Today the Thai Appeals Court read a verdict in favor of Andy Hall, quashing the criminal conviction (a suspended 2-year sentence and fine) following a prosecution brought by Natural Fruit Company. The Court also recognized the importance of his research work noting that it was in the public interest for the benefit of consumers.

  • May 2018: On May 15, Prakanong Court in Bangkok dismissed the counter criminal prosecution filed by Andy Hall against Natural Fruit Company Ltd. and two of its senior executives. The Court ruled that none of the individuals named in Andy’s counter-prosecution had acted unlawfully. Despite this disappointing ruling, Andy will continue to pursue these counter criminal prosecutions. Andy says: “Such reform of the Thai justice system through pressure from litigation such as mine can hopefully enhance the rule of law and ensure meaningful accountability for victims of the unlawful and unacceptable abuse of state police investigatory and prosecutorial powers in Thailand”.

  • March 2018: On Monday March 26, Andy Hall was ordered by a Thai court to pay 10 million Thai baht (USD 321,000) in damages to Natural Fruit in a defamation case brought against him that began in 2014. On top of the damages, the Court ordered Andy pay an additional 10,000 Thai baht (USD 321) for the plaintiff’s lawyer. Click here to help Andy appeal his sentence.

  • 31 May 2017: Lawyers representing Andy Hall filed criminal litigation against Thai state prosecutors, the police and Natural Fruit in regards to the defamation case brought against Andy in 2013. Andy said, “It is necessary now to launch these litigations as I must defend myself against an unlawful prosecution and judicial harassment waged against me that continues unabated.” Click here to find out more.

  • 10 December 2016: A coalition of 110 sent an open letter to Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha presenting the conviction of Andy Hall as a dangerous precedent that would make it more difficult for migrant workers to ensure their rights are respected.

  • 06 November 2016: Thammakaset Chicken Farm, using Natural Fruit’s legal team, launched new prosecutions against Andy for his role alongside MWRN in campaigning for justice for the 14 migrant workers who escaped exploitation from the farm. Andy has now left Thailand, but his lawyers will continue to fight this case.

  • 03 November 2016: Thai Court dismisses the Attorney General and Natural Fruit’s criminal defamation case against Andy Hall for his participation in an Aljazeera interview, after almost four years of court cases. However he still faces a three-year suspended sentence and fine having been found guilty in a separate case of ‘computer crimes’ and ‘criminal defamation’ on 20 September 2016.

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Andy, what a brave and courageous soul you are, thank you so much for all you do in the name Compassion, Justice and Human Rights.. You are truly a hero in the eyes of us all who believe in fairness and equality.. Wish I could do more to help you and all those trapped by the greed of others.. This World is sadly tarnished by those driven by greed, my only hope is that you succeed in everything you do in the name of others.. Thank You for your Courageousness


Good on you Andy. i am proud of you. You are more than brave. I feel like i am expressing platitudes in the comfort of my home in country that espouses rights for all. Hah! Australia was always regarded as up there with human rights, but I have been distressed and ashamed over the last 10 years .not necessarily by the people I know or work with. But the sentiment has shifted by the ill informed and the very occasional politicians with too much influence. Jacinta

Maureen Downs
Maureen Downs

Farm Foods and Morrisons use chicken from Thailand


What Andy is doing is beyond brave, & so few people would put their own lives on the line as Andy does… to protect & try to save other human beings from abuse. Andy really is an “earth angel” for trying & trying to allieviate the suffering & mental & physical abuse of most of these helpless exploited “workers” or rather slaves. Andy you really are 1 in a million to put your own life at risk in this way . Thankyou

Gary Cook
Gary Cook

This Thai company sounds like it is running the old United Fruit Company scams. Thailand or Central America, it is all the same to them.

Call on the Thai authorities to drop charges against Andy Hall

130,352 actions of 150,000 goal

FAO: Khemchai Chutiwong, Attorney General,
(CC: Adul Saengsingkaew, Minister of Labor; Mr. Don Poramatvinai, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; ACM Prajin Juntong, Ministry of Justice)

I am deeply concerned about the charges brought by Natural Fruit against human rights activist Andy Hall.

Instead of addressing allegations of worker abuse and slavery-like practices in their factory, Natural Fruit have tried to silence and intimidate him. Workers and labor rights advocates in Thailand must be able to speak out freely about abuse or unsafe working conditions – this case sends a dangerous message that undermines this right.

I am messaging you to express my support for Mr. Hall following the “guilty” verdict read on 20 September 2016 for charges of ‘computer crime’ and ‘criminal defamation’ and to call for all pending cases against Mr. Hall to be dropped.

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